Find ColdFusion Jobs or Client Projects

We have numerous clients and projects of our own, but we're often being approached by new clients or being asked to deliver more availability on additional projects from existing clients. Rather than spread ourselves too thin as developers, we took it upon ourselves to begin marketing and recruiting for these opportunities on behalf of those clients. That's precisely how the ColdFusion Developer Network got started.

We take personal responsibility for reviewing and screening candidates before attempting to present them for an opportunity in order to ensure that they're the right fit. Our primary focus is on presenting clients with "the right tool for the job," and we pride ourselves on doing this better than anyone else in the recruiting business based on our first hand technical background, knowledge, and experience with ColdFusion.

When we've got an opportunity that we think might be a fit for you, we will reach out and get in touch. But our ability to do this effectively rests on how accurately you complete your developer profile, so please be as thorough as possible. We'll want to connect with you, verify your availability and interest in an opportunity, and ensure that you've got everything the client is looking for before we present you.

We are decidedly selective about which candidates we will submit to a client - and it's nothing personal against you. Our value to clients is that we know ColdFusion talent better than anyone else in the market, and we put that knowledge to work when selecting candidates to be presented for an opportunity. If we present candidates that aren't a great fit for the client's opportunity, then clients lose confidence in our ability to deliver on their needs and might avoid utilizing us in the future when they're looking for more ColdFusion talent. If we present too many candidates, we overwhelm the client or give them the sense that we're just playing a numbers game in hopes that they'll eventually find someone they'll like. We don't want to help clients find a candidate they'll like. We want to help clients find a candidate they'll love. Unless the client has specifically requested otherwise, we're only going to submit and represent three or four hand-picked candidates to each opportunity.

We're going to be completely candid with you about your chances for a given opportunity. While we'd love to match you with a hot opportunity right away, sometimes it's more complex than that. We know what our clients are looking for, and we pay close attention to filtering candidates based on the client's needs. This means you might not always get a foot in the door for an opportunity that appeals to you, but we will explain our reasoning to you so that you can better understand why we feel it's not the right fit. It's our hope that this might help guide you in finding areas you could improve upon in order to better your chances for future opportunities.

Our role in the whole process can be as involved or removed as you prefer. If you'd prefer to have us handle all the communications, interview scheduling, and negotiations, we're happy to do that. If you'd prefer that we simply introduce you to the client and then step aside to let you do your thing, we're okay with that, too. Either way, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved if it leads to a successful match.

Fill out our developer profile form below so that we can add you to our talent roster and begin our efforts to help you find your next gig.