Hire Developers

The ColdFusion Developer Network is organized and managed by a group of highly experienced ColdFusion developers with combined decades worth of hands-on experience. We feel this background and experience are amazingly strong assets in helping us to identify truly talented candidates within the ColdFusion development community and connecting them with well-aligned opportunities.

And we specialize in ColdFusion. It's our passion. We're not targeting any other technologies, even though most members of our team have broad experience stemming into other areas of web development.

If you're looking for ColdFusion talent, we'd love to help you. In fact, we'd argue that nobody is more qualified than us when it comes to helping you find and qualify talent for your ColdFusion opportunity. Whether it's a full-time employee, contract-to-hire, independent consultant, junior developer, or an entire project-based development team - we're confident we can connect you with what you're looking for.

We're not traditional recruiters, so there are a few things you might want to know about how we handle the recruiting process.

No "blind" resumes.

We feel it's important to have all the information presented to you when reviewing candidates. Sometimes the identity of a candidate plays a critical role in the decision process based on their reputation, involvement in the development community, etc. It all adds context that helps facilitate the review process.

No "blind" opportunities for candidates.

Candidates are often motivated by the name and recognition of potential engagements. How else would be guage their interest in an opportunity if we were forced to mask the identity of the client that is considering them? We're open with our candidates about the opportunity because we feel it's the best way to truly determine their genuine interest and passion about a potential engagement.

We won't bombard you with resumes.

We take our time to hand-pick just a few of the most well-qualified resources for your opportunity. Too many recruiters play the numbers game by submitting a slew of so-so resumes just hoping that the client will settle on something. We think that's a waste of your time. We want to send you only well-targeted candidates that we feel are a great match to what you're looking for.

We'll be as directly or indirectly involved in the process as you want us to be.

We're okay with handling all interaction with candidates outside of the interview process. Salary negotiation, rate negotiation, technical evaluation, offer execution - we'll handle it if you want us to. We're also content to step back after the initial introduction and let you manage that directly with the candidate. We're willing to adapt to whatever works for you and your organization.

If you like what you hear, please get in contact with us today by submitting the form below. The more detail you're able to provide, the better we'll be able to help you find exactly what you're looking for.