About ColdFusion Developers

Why We Started ColdFusionDevelopers.com

While some may make the claim that "ColdFusion is dead," we know from continued first hand experience that this simply isn't true. ColdFusion is alive and kicking. In fact, we were being contacted by so many companies and clients seeking ColdFusion developers that we simply couldn't keep up with the demand on our own.

You see, we love ColdFusion. We grew tired of having to tell potential clients that we were simply too busy to take on their project or that we were geographically unable to work with them on site. Every time we conveyed this to a would-be client, they always came back to us with one consistent, predictable response:

"Can you refer us to anyone you might know that's looking for ColdFusion work?"

That's precisely why the ColdFusion Developer Network was established - because we got tired of answering "No." to that question.

If employers are having a hard time finding qualified developers for their ongoing ColdFusion projects, we feel it stands to eventually threaten the sustainability of ColdFusion as a continued web application platform and the ColdFusion development community. So, in the spirit of Jeremy Allaire and J.J. Allaire and their "power to the people" mentality that gave rise to ColdFusion in the first place, we decided we needed to do something to help keep ColdFusion developers and ColdFusion customers connected.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - leverage our ColdFusion expertise and industry experience to facilitate the process of connecting qualified, reputable, skilled ColdFusion developers with legitimate, well-matched ColdFusion career opportunies.

Our Qualifications

First and foremost, we are passionate ColdFusion developers. We've been developing applications of all shapes and sizes for over a decade - and we love it. Our first hand knowledge of the ColdFusion platform puts us in a great position to understand the needs of other ColdFusion developers actively seeking opportunities.

Our work with ColdFusion goes well beyond just writing CFML code. We have extensive experience with designing, implementing, and managing complex, enterprise-level ColdFusion server architectures. We also have specialized experience in server tuning and application bottleneck analysis/resolution.

We have worked with countless companies trying to find ColdFusion developers, so we have a broad range of experience on the business side. From dotcom startups to Fortune 500 corporations, we have experience with companies, opportunities, and projects of all shapes and sizes. This understanding of the project and opportunity lifecycle allows us to be of great assistance to clients and companies struggling to find ColdFusion talent on their own.

Our Promise

We're not going to treat you like other "recruiters" that you've dealt with. Developers, we are not going to bombard you with opportunities that don't align with what you're looking for. Employers, we're not going to bombard you with 100 different resumes just to boost our chances that you'll eventually find someone worth hiring or simply settle for mediocrity because you've been exhausted by the process.

We firmly believe in making the effort to ensure that an opportunity and a candidate are well matched rather than just a random intersection of a few skillset buzz words.

You've got our promise that we're not just going to treat you like a number or a meal ticket. We promise to assist you as an advocate and partner.

Our Founder, Grant Powell

The ColdFusion Developer Network was created and launched by Grant Powell.

Grant Powell - Entrepreneur, Digital Virtuoso, and ColdFusion Architect - Grant is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur and digital media expert from Malibu, CA. Grant possesses a unique ability to combine creativity and art with logic, engineering and business savvy to conceptualize innovative approaches to new world business demands. Grant has over a decade of leadership and expertise in brand strategy, business development, enterprise website design and production, interactive production, database programming and application development utilizing ColdFusion and other technologies.

Grant moved from a successful professional consulting career in digital media and technology (most notably for Google Inc) to founding Pomegranate in 2008 and fathering the concept of the "network agency" model - a new way of organizing talent and servicing enterprise companies with innovative brands.